26th - 27th March, 2018
London, UK


2018 Sponsors

ARMS Reliability
Website: https://www.armsreliability.com/

ARMS Reliability is a leading global provider of Asset Strategy Management (ASM) and reliability engineering to companies operating fixed plant, rotating equipment, mobile fleets, power supplies and other infrastructure assets. Since 1995, we’ve helped companies around the world – and across a broad range of industries – to get more... Read More

Aqua Consultants
Website: http://www.aquaconsultants.com

Aqua Consultants is a specialist engineering consultancy operating across the Water, Energy and Environment sectors. We promise to add value throughout the lifecycle of your assets and reduce the total cost of asset ownership.  Our primary products and services can be summarised in three main areas, each of which are... Read More

Babcock Analytic Solutions
Website: http://www.babcockinternational.com/analyticsolutions

Babcock Analytic Solutions (Formerly LSC Group) has been enabling clients to realise value from their asset information for over 25 years. With an established international profile; leading the development of ISO8000 for Data Quality, our business delivers solutions that transform asset and enterprise wide performance through the application of data,... Read More

Website: https://www.chimesoftware.net/

Clear Horizon has many years experience in design and implementation of large work and asset management systems. Over the yeasr we became acutely aware of the incredible complexity and cost in delivering mobile work and asset management capable of collecting good quality asset data. This not only limits the benefits... Read More

Website: http://www.cyient.com/

Incorporated in 1991, Cyient is a global engineering solutions provider specialising in product, process, network, and data transformation & analytics (D&A), with a revenue figure of USD $ 538 million. Cyient has a global workforce of over 14,000+ professionals spread across a wide range of industries - Aerospace, Automotive, Transportation,... Read More

Duff & Phelps
Website: http://www.duffandphelps.co.uk/services/valuation/fixed-asset-management-and-insurance-solutions/index

Duff & Phelps is a global financial services firm with expertise in complex valuation, corporate finance, disputes and investigations and compliance and regulatory consulting. We provide extensive fixed asset management and property insurance appraisal and valuation services. Public and private-sector clients have different fixed asset inventory and reporting challenges. However, both... Read More

Frazer Nash Consulting
Website: https://www.fnc.co.uk/

We deliver multidisciplinary asset management that is aligned with your key business drivers, ensuring that everything we do is driven by your values and supports your strategy and goals. The three levels of our asset management offering:1. Equipment: helping you to understand your assets – We use engineering analysis to... Read More

ICS Consulting

Our key portfolio of products and services is diverse: Framework for integrated asset management, Investment optimisation, Cost Benefit Analyses, Capability assessment, Asset, Reliability and Service modelling, Regulatory and Economic Consultancy, Customer and Stakeholder Engagement. Read More

Website: http://www.ifsworld.com/uk

You have a number of choices for Computerised Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) or Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) software, but IFS Applications also delivers a world class Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) solution and the flexibility to include elements of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), so that asset management can be a... Read More

Website: http://www.kpmg.com/be/amcc

The KPMG Global Asset Management Competence Center is offering end-to-end solutions for asset intensive companies and public entities which are dealing with asset management questions in a broad sense. Our methodologies used are innovative and serve worldwide as models for many leading asset-intensive compa¬nies, in a wide variety of sectors.... Read More

Website: https://www.munters.com/en/

Munters is a global leader in energy efficient air treatment and climate solutions. Using innovative technologies, Munters creates the perfect climate for customers in a wide range of industries including food, pharmaceutical, utilities, transport and more. Replacing belt driven fans in dehumidifiers and air handling units with EC plug fan... Read More

Ordnance Survey

Accurate detection, verification and location of your assets help with your network planning to improve modelling capabilities. By using geospatial data, desktop surveying and remote visualization can help you to save costs, as you can consider environmental factors for different scenarios. Here at Ordnance Survey we can advise you on... Read More

Website: http://powerplan.com/solutions/asset-investment-planning-management-suite

Today’s heightened focus on asset management, combined with new industry standards such as ISO55000, brings new challenges to organizations of all sizes. Traditional methods of asset management simply don’t provide the comprehensive view of assets that stakeholders need, making it difficult to achieve operational and planning objectives. At the same... Read More

Website: http://1spatial.com/utilities

Asset data quality and validity should form an essential part of nearly all  infrastructure asset management plans. 1Spatial's specialist software and consultancy services provide a means to assess data quality across infrastructure assets and a framework to implement constant data improvement throughout an organisation.Working in partnership with infrastructure providers we understand... Read More

Website: http://www.sky-futures.com/

Chris Blackford is the COO and co-founder of Sky-Futures. Formed in 2009, Sky-Futures is recognised as one of the leading companies in the drone-based inspection and data analysis market. Sky-Futures platform supports drone-based inspections of major infrastructure with smart data analysis delivered via 3D ‘digital twins’ of structures and a... Read More

Website: http://www.virtalis.com

We are a world-leading Virtual Reality (VR) and advanced visualisation company.  Our products and systems give you the chance to really understand your information and data,  to interact with it, giving every project a new dimension.Our systems and solutions offer the chance to really understand information and data, to interact... Read More