13th - 15th March, 2018
London, UK

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IAM Exchange 2016 Post Event Report

Take a look at some of the themes and sessions that took place at the 2016 IAM Exchange by downloading the Post Event Report which covers:Discover key attendance stats so you can see who participatedUnderstand what your peers are investing in during 2017 and beyondFind out what our delegates top projects were in 2016, including; Data Quality,... Read More

State of the Infrastructure Industry: 2012 - 2022

The IAM Exchange has just conducted research from across the IAM community and put together this report that covers a 10 year span of the market.Within the report you will find;2012: What was the industry saying? - What did the IAM market look like?2017: Where are we now? - How has the market changed in the last 5 years? What are the biggest... Read More


Top Investment Priorities: 2017

Ahead of the 2017 Exchange in London in March, attendees were asked what their top challenges were and where they plan to spend their budget over the next 6 - 18... Read More


Investment Priorities: Top 15 in 2015

We surveyed our global network of Directors and Heads of Asset Management from leading water, gas, electricity, transport, road and rail enterprises to find out their biggest challenges and investment priorities for 2015 and beyond. Not to be... Read More


eBook: Aligning Asset Management & Investment Strategy with Wider Organisational Objectives

The IAM Exchange editorial team conducted research with asset management leaders to discover the key trends that will impact their role, and discover what projects they have in place to overcome their top challenges. Download the complimentary eBook Aligning Asset Management & Investment Strategy with Wider Organisational Objectives to hear... Read More


Panel Discussion: How Do You Slice and Dice Your Asset Data to Extract Key Information?

Every business decision is, in essence, based on data so it is incredibly important to have good quality up-to-date asset data. In this panel discussion, the participants - Richard Wakelen, Head of Asset Strategy & Performance, UK Power Networks, Dr Paul M Gibbons, Asset Management Principal, Gatwick Airport and Geraint Laidlaw-Wilson,... Read More

Case Study: Proactive Management of Your Infrastructure Asset Lifecycle To Drive More Value

In this case study, Jim Lightfoot, COO of E.ON Generation shared insights into the changes E.ON have made over the past few years in response to external factors, whether profitability challenges, regulations or political landscape changes.. These changes vary but include re-negotiating contracts with key suppliers, focusing on new revenue streams... Read More

Presentation: Incorporating Customer Feedback into Asset Management Planning

In this case study presentation, Mel Karam, Director of Asset Management at Southern Water, explained how they have adapted their asset management approach and planned to incorporate customer feedback. Mel also elucidated the next step to share insights into how they will actually deliver this plan based on customer feedback in practice and how to... Read More

Panel Discussion: Building a Robust Asset Management Risk Framework

Asset management leaders recognise that they need to be more strategic when it comes to managing risk. They want effective, efficient, but also safe and secure operations. Peter Chambers, Group Head Asset Care, Dublin Airport gave a detailed insight on the risk assessment and the way Dublin Airport restructured the company strategy around the new... Read More

Panel Discussion: Aligning Asset Management Strategy with Wider Organisational Objectives

This panel, Petr Stulc, Head of Group Asset Management, CEZ Czech Republic and Ian Costigan, Asset Management Director, Manchester Airports Group, exposed the audience to innovative industry best practice in setting a coordinated asset management strategy – including aligning the asset management strategy of the company with customer experience... Read More


Interview: Claus Hincke, Head of Asset Management, Copenhagen Airport

At the IAM Exchange, we spoke with Claus Hincke, Director of Technical Services and Operation of Copenhagen Airport about three of the key elements that will lead to successful asset management: the importance of management evolution, workplace culture and obtaining the right tools. Discover these key considerations for driving projects and... Read More

Customer Feedback and Strategic Infrastructure Asset Management at Southern Water

Mel Karam, Director of Asset Management at Southern Water speaks with the IAM Exchange about the pressure that is now on the water industry to incorporate more customer consultation feedback into asset management plans and the steps they are taking at Southern Water to do this. Plus hear Mel’s views on what developments he sees on the horizon... Read More

Interview: Bram Alkema, Head of Strategic Deployment, Enexis

The IAM Exchange met Bram Alkema, Head of Strategic Deployment of Enexis and Chair of Dutch committee for ISO 55000 to discuss about the challenges and the implication of the transition from PAS55 to ISO 55000. Watch the video to see why Bram believes that this is not a transition but an... Read More

Interview: Jerri Loikkanen, Head of Strategy, Fortum Distribution

In this interview, Jerri Loikkanen, Head of Strategy of Fortum Distribution gives you deeper understanding into how the world of IAM has evolved over the years and what the biggest impacts have been. Capital and Data are two of the main features of the evolution; watch the video to see what other features have influenced Asset Management... Read More