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FAQs for Solution Providers

FAQs for Solution Providers

IQPC Exchange is a division of the International Quality and Productivity Centre that is focused on creating events in a format that is referred to as an ‘Exchange’.

Exchange events provide the opportunity to:

  • Exchange ideas and information
  • Develop industry contacts
  • Advance current initiatives
  • Improve business processes

Exchanges are unique, invitation-only events driven by pre-scheduled business meetings between pre-qualified solution providers and senior executives that are mutually interested in doing business together. Thought-provoking conference sessions, interactive Think Tanks and innovative networking opportunities round out the agenda, resulting in three days focused on each delegate’s individual needs.

In addition to the innovative format of the event, solution providers can look forward to the following advantages:

  • The interactive website for the event goes live 4 weeks prior to the event providing solution providers with plenty of time to investigate delegates’ background and make decisions about who they want to meet
  • Finalised custom itineraries will be given to solution providers a minimum of 1 week before the event to ensure they have time to prepare for their meetings
  • From the date the solution providers book onto the event until the date the Exchange happens, they will have a senior account manager who will be their primary point of contact
  • Each solution provider’s Account Manager will help with logistical details and support them as the event nears
  • IQPC Exchange’s Account Managers will provide support to help ensure that each solution provider’s meeting itinerary is made up of prospects in their target market (industry, geography or job title specific)
  • solution providers will also be assisted in the meeting selection process and in pre-event meeting preparation
  • An Exchange is invitation only and attracts senior-level attendees who make purchasing decisions for their organisations
  • The format consists of three days of one-on-one business meetings, which are scheduled well in advance of the Exchange, between pre-qualified buyers and solution provider companies
  • The aim of an Exchange is to provide an intimate, confidential environment in which strategic purchasing decisions can be made and relationships developed

Click here to view our latest infographic and find out how an Exchange works.

  • The delegates at an Exchange are strictly CXOs, VPs and Directors, presenting them with a unique opportunity to spend time with their direct peers in an intimate environment.
  • An Exchange provides an opportunity for those with the highest level of strategic business responsibility, who are looking for specific solutions and services to be in a competitive buying environment. They are in a position to make decisions and so this event is a unique opportunity for them to sit down with multiple solution providers who have prepared for the meeting and are ready to provide them with timely and strategic advice.
  • At an Exchange, the delegates will be meeting with CEOs and VPs from solution provider companies who have the ability to negotiate the level and scope of solution that they provide.
  • The Exchange format is ideal for time-starved executives to meet with various solution providers, do their due diligence on them and make purchasing decisions in a constructive environment.

A private, sit-down, pre-arranged, mutually selected opportunity to discuss business between buyers and sellers.

A month before the Exchange takes place our online meeting scheduler goes live. Both delegates and solution providers will be given a password to our interactive software tool which contains the profiles of all the attending delegates and solution providers. Both parties will select, based on their business priorities and requirements, who they would like to have meetings with.

A week before the Exchange, delegates and solution providers receive their itineraries which detail exactly what they will be doing from the time they arrive at the venue to the time they leave. Their time at the Exchange is intended to be as constructive as it can be. Every session they select to attend, every networking function they go to and more importantly, every meeting they participate in is tied directly to their business priorities and requirements.

Once on-site, IQPC Exchange will have a team to help facilitate the meetings and help all the executives present maximise their interactive face time with one another.

All Exchanges take place at a resort, which allows the delegates to ‘get away’ from the office and network with peers and solution providers.

Once you sign up for an Exchange, you will provide us with a list of ideal prospects, whether it’s industries you are targeting, titles you would like to meet with or even specific companies and individuals you are trying to get in front of. Our team will qualify and invite these delegates to the Exchange.

Each meeting package allows for a set number of individuals to attend the Exchange. One of these individuals could be a client, who can serve as a strong testimonial for your solutions. Alternatively, if your client qualifies, he may also join the speaking faculty.

A month before the Exchange, our online meeting scheduler goes live. Both delegates and solution providers will be given a password to our interactive software tool which contains the profiles of all the attending delegates and solution providers. Both parties will select, based on their business priorities and requirements, who they would like to have meetings with. The software then collates all the selections and develops customised itineraries for every individual who is scheduled to take meetings.

The schedule over the three days at the Exchange is intensive, but effective. Every session you select to attend, every networking function you go to and more importantly, every meeting you participate in is tied directly to your business development objectives.

Attendance at Exchanges is by invitation only. Both delegates and solution providers are invited to participate in the Exchange based on their relevance to the topic area and demand for their presence. Delegates are pre-qualified and have to meet certain criteria in terms of responsibility, decision-making capability and budget.

Solution providers are divided into specific categories in which there will be more than one company represented. This is to ensure that delegates are presented with a wide choice of solution providers in order to effectively make their purchasing decisions.

Speaking opportunities are however limited to one company per category. We therefore strongly recommend that you secure your speaking slot early to avoid disappointment.

You should send your CEO and VP-level executives (such as your VP Sales / Business Development) to take meetings on behalf of your company. This is to ensure that you’re on the same level as the senior people with whom you’ll be meeting.

Solution providers who participate at the Platinum-level have the opportunity to join the speaker panel with a key client or host an executive roundtable discussion alongside 2-3 members of the speaking faculty.

The IQPC Exchange Production team conducts extensive research in the market to determine which topics and speakers to profile at the event. They establish relationships with key executives within certain industries and create tailored, practical agendas that keep business executives up-to-date with industry trends, technological developments and changes to regulatory landscapes.

Attendance at an Exchange is by invitation only. Solution providers are invited to participate in the Exchange based on their relevance to the topic area, demand from the delegates for their presence or recommendation from advisory board or the speaking faculty.

IQPC has been running Exchanges since 2003, successfully providing unique business development opportunities for organisations globally. The Exchange team has a combined experience of 55 years developing and executing the one-on-one business model.

Business cards and a lot of energy! We take care of all your corporate signage and networking functions. You are welcome to bring your laptop and any other tools that will assist you in making your sales presentations.

The dress code is business casual.

Your company was selected precisely because of the match between the solutions you provide and the expressed needs of the delegates in attendance. The delegates have expressed a desire to meet with companies such as yours which means that they will select to meet with you through our scheduling software.

Yes, during the luncheons, dinners and other networking opportunities.

Exchanges take place in specific venues that have been carefully chosen for their functionality and ability to provide attendees with an intimate and exclusive environment where they can focus on their learning and business priorities.

Our portfolio of Exchanges has been carefully designed to provide you with multiple business opportunities throughout the year. Our team would be happy to identify other Exchanges that would be applicable for your range of solutions and products and would be able to recommend the best positioning in the various Exchanges.

If there is a good fit for a vendor at more than one Exchange, then we certainly allow that vendor to participate in several events.

It is a time and cost effective way to have strategic, meaningful interaction with their target market in an environment in which their target market is focused on specific issues and solutions that pertain to the vendors’ offerings.