26th - 27th March, 2018
London, UK

FAQs for Attending Delegates

FAQs for Attending Delegates

IQPC Exchange is a division of the International Quality and Productivity Centre that is focused on creating events in a format that is referred to as an ‘Exchange’. Exchange events provide the opportunity to:

  • Exchange ideas and information
  • Develop industry contacts
  • Advance current initiatives
  • Improve business processes

Exchanges are unique, invitation-only events driven by pre-scheduled business meetings between pre-qualified solution providers and senior executives that are mutually interested in doing business together. Thought-provoking conference sessions, interactive Think Tanks and innovative networking opportunities round out the agenda, resulting in three days focused on each delegate’s individual needs.

There are several ways in which an Exchange differs from a conference:

  1. At an Exchange each delegate has a custom itinerary based on their business needs. Each itinerary is made up of:
    • One-on-one business meetings with solution providers that delegates have pre-selected prior to attending the event
    • Thought-provoking conference sessions o Interactive Think Tank discussions
    • Innovative networking opportunities
  2. Everyone attending an Exchange (speakers, delegates and solution providers) is confirmed 4-6 weeks before the actual event. This is when custom itineraries are developed for each attendee based on the selections they make on our secure and interactive event website.
  3. Only the most senior-level executives attend Exchange events. The aim of an Exchange is to provide an intimate, confidential environment in which strategic decisions can be made.
  4. All of the speakers for the conference sessions are the most senior in the industry. This gives delegates an unprecedented opportunity to network with peers in the industry who have faced similar business issues.
  5. Only the most senior executives from solution provider companies attend Exchange events to ensure that delegates are able to have all of their questioned answered.

Solution providers are invited to participate in the Exchange based on their relevance to the topic area, demand from the delegates for their presence or recommendation from our advisory board and speaking faculty. Every solution provider provides a detailed profile to enable you to choose to meet with them based on their capability and expertise.

A private, sit-down, pre-arranged, mutually selected opportunity to discuss business between a delegate and a solution provider.

A month before the Exchange takes place our online meeting scheduler is made available to both delegates and solution providers. Each participant is given a password to our interactive scheduler where they will select, based on their business priorities and requirements, who they would like to have meetings with.

One week before the Exchange, both delegates and solution providers will receive their itineraries, which detail exactly what they will be doing from the time they arrive at the venue to the time they leave. A delegate’s time at an Exchange is intended to be as constructive as it can be – every session they select to attend, every networking function they go to and more importantly, every meeting in which they participate in is tied directly to their business priorities and requirements.

Once on site, IQPC Exchange will have a team to help facilitate the meetings and help all the executives present maximise their time with one another.

The dress code is business casual. You will receive more specified dress code recommendations, if required, on an event by event basis.

During the Exchange your deluxe accommodations and dining are included in the registration fee. These are however limited so we do recommend registering early to avoid paying for this cost yourself.