Duff & Phelps

Duff & Phelps

Duff & Phelps is a global financial services firm with expertise in complex valuation, corporate finance, disputes and investigations and compliance and regulatory consulting. We provide extensive fixed asset management and property insurance appraisal and valuation services. 

Public and private-sector clients have different fixed asset inventory and reporting challenges. However, both rely on accurate information to account for, control and manage their real and personal property assets.

Starting with proven methodology and procedures, our specialists draw upon deep experience and leading-edge technology to constantly evolve and refine new and better procedures. We are recognized for establishing our profession’s best practices in fixed asset management.

Our fixed asset management services include:

  • Fixed Asset Inventory and Reconciliation
  • Building Componentization
  • Baseline Asset Inventory
  • Property Record Outsourcing Services

Contact Info:

Website: http://www.duffandphelps.co.uk/services/valuation/fixed-asset-management-and-ins...